Recruitment Redefined

There will always be a market for the traditional recruitment agency but over the last 12 months we have undertaken some extensive research speaking to many practices about their recruitment. Their main points were agencies are overpriced, under-delivered on what they promised and advertising in the Vet media was too expensive with a poor response. Working in conjunction with a few selected practices we have developed a new service.

Our Promise
to You

  • We advertise your role on over 80 different job sites and social media platforms including Vet specific job boards to ensure you receive maximum exposure.
  • We will proactively search for your new hire just like a traditional agency. We have access to all the major job board databases, our significant database of active candidates and know which ones are actively looking in your area. Advertising works but couple this with our team helping you search for your next new superstar employee leaves ‘no stone unturned.’
  • We will design you a full social media campaign targeting specific candidates in your area. We also produce a campaign video, a montage of the vacancy to advertise and target candidates across social media.
  • All the candidates you receive are yours to keep and engage with.  We don’t charge you per candidate like a traditional agency with no end placement fee.

We have taken the best bits of a traditional agency, left out the worst, listened to you, and developed our new recruitment solution which will deliver you the best talent for a fraction of the price.

We have 3 recruitment packages:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus

We would love the opportunity to speak to practices about these and hopefully, we can help you to recruit a great new staff member for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting methods.

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If you are looking for your next ‘superstar’ team member please send us a message as we would love to help.

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