Moorview Rescue


Set up in 2009 as a registered charity  Moorview  has re-homed nearly 2000 dogs in the UK. The dogs are rescued from a variety of places.  Most Moorview dogs have come from the pound which is where lost and abandoned dogs end up. These dogs would have been put to sleep within 7 days, if not claimed by Moorview. They are cared for, treated for their many problems until homes have been found with new, suitable  matched owners.

Moorview have been involved in assisting with RSPCA neglect cases. Moorview Rescue operates with 2 paid employees and the rest is run by loyal volunteers. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas, and micro chipped before leaving the rescue.

VetFinders have chosen to work with Joanne and Darren Brydon at Moorview for the sheer dedication they have to the welfare of dogs and their ambitions to keep growing and helping these animals. Please see below their most recent intake Darcy who we are sponsoring through her rehabilitation. You will see her transformation photos soon when she is better to be re-homed.


Bonnie the Akita

Bonnie is a 7yr old blind Akita who arrived at Moorview from a stray pound.
She had been suffering from a rare immune condition which was left untreated and caused the blindness. She was also very thin and her coat was very dirty. She is now doing well and receiving steroids for her condition. She has the most gentle temperament and she is not hindered by her blindness. VetFinders donation has helped in the rehabilitation of Akita – we are so glad she is doing well.


“We have a new girl called Darcy. She is a German Short haired Pointer. She was founds as a  stray, underweight and used for breeding. Darcy had no microchip, collar, or identification. We don’t  know any history on her or her age etc. She was so undernourished  you could she her ribs and was very dirty and smelly. She has enlarged teats from the puppies we suspect she has been used for!”

This donation was possible after we place Katy at a Vet Practice in Surrey. Thank you Katy! We will keep you updated on Darcy’s progress.

From Our Friends
at Moorview Rescue

“Thank you to everybody at VetFinders this will see Darcy through her whole rehabilitation process.  We look forward to you seeing the end result.“

Joanne Brydon

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