Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon

  • Location: Stroud - Gloucester, Gloucestershire
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job #757

Veterinarian – Gloucester – £40-65k
No-one changes jobs for fun.
You move to leave something bad or gain something good. It’s not something you want to do.
You don’t plan on leaving when you join a new company. Yet things come up. You get dissatisfied. You move.
What if you could do that one last time, then never again? What if not having to move again is the thing you move for? What if there were somewhere the vets stay because they want to?
An independent vets, in a location that has been voted one of the best places to live and work, with canals and rivers, and markets.
Established over 50 years, where many vets have worked there for decades, enhanced their careers, and progressed through the ranks. People are happy. Settled. Secure. Their career box is ticked and then enjoyed. Always allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.
Vets don’t leave here because it’s not run like a chain. It’s run like an independent – fairly. The directors work the same hours as everyone else. Everyone picks up the slack. If one person gets a pay rise, everyone does. Fair.
That extends to flexibility. The rotas are sensible. They’re upfront about the hours. Everyone splits their consults, surgery and admin the same way. It averages about 35 hours a week. We’ll run through a typical week with you, but put it this way – generally everyone gets their lunch on time.
There’s two branches. The main one with 5 vets, and a one-vet branch. The one-vet branch is largely covered, so there’s little to no sole charge work.
There’s an atmosphere of “getting it”. Everyone pulls together when there’s work, and relaxes when there’s time. They’ll co-operate with you. There’s not much “management” because everyone’s on the same page.
And you’ll develop as a vet. Gain experience by working up your own cases. See things through, from presentation to surgery or investigations. There’s help if you need it. And as there’s no plans to go corporate, there’s always the possibility of directorship in future.
But staff longevity doesn’t happen without hiring the right people.
Like you. You’re a good vet. But you’re also fair, easy to get on with.
Most importantly, you want somewhere you can stick around. A place to see out your career.
Send your CV – don’t worry if it’s not up to date – to VetFinders, along with any questions. We’ll reply.
Let this be the last job you ever apply for.