Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon

  • Location: Oxford - Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job #762

Veterinarian – Oxford – £40-60k

Does practice make perfect?
You’re a vet. You know. The more cases you work on, the more adept you get. Developing through experience. 
But there’s a limit, a plateau.
You work at the same place too long, you hit a wall. You develop habits. Stagnate. Your knowledge is broad, but could it be deeper?
You’ll still be good, of course. But maybe not as good as you could be.
There are solutions. You could undergo CPD. That’s a decent start.
Or you could specialise. Become the expert in a niche, rather than a generalist.
You can do both here. A feline-only veterinary clinic in Oxford is hiring. It’s first opinion – consulting and routine surgery, including dentistry as a must, but more advanced surgical experience would be a bonus as then you can expand the range of services, we have on offer We love a synergistic approach!
The rota’s fair and sensible: 38-hour, 4-day week with a fixed day off. One weekend in four, with an extra Friday off the following week to compensate. No OOH or on-call. Minimal on-site  checks for stable cases if any inpatients really need it. Nine times out of ten you are telephone back up for the duty RVN.
You’ll be working with a team of three other experienced cat vets, who’ll support you and share their expertise. They, like you, were hired because they genuinely care about the work. About making their practice the best it can be for clients and their cats. So you know you’ll at least have that in common with your colleagues – you should really hit it off.
You’ll have access to ultrasound and endoscopy, so you can become even more skilled with those and you will have a bonus 2 referral vets on hand one of which is a Specialist in feline medicine to further blow your mind. You’ll learn just by being here, but you’ll also get a CPD budget. Target the areas you want to improve.

Now, you.
You’ve got at least four years’ vet experience – it doesn’t need to be cats-only, although the more the better and you must be confident with sole charge when needed.
You’re competent in dentistry, but you needn’t be an expert.
Most importantly, you want to develop, you want to be part of a team working together towards a shared goal. You want to use the skills you have and develop the ones you are less experience in, you want to use dental X-rays and local blocks, and you want to become a feline expert.
Interested to know more? Ask any questions. We’ll answer.
Attach a copy of your CV (don’t worry if it’s not up to date). We’ll get back to you.
Smash that skill ceiling by specialising. Be a better vet.

Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • Location: Oxford - Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
  • Type: Permanent
  • Job #761

 RVN – Oxford – £30,000
This practice specialises in the thing they love, the thing they’re best at. That’s why they’re elite.
You love cats. And why wouldn’t you, they’re so elegant, enigmatic, and unique.
But as a Veterinary Nurse, you don’t always get to specialise.
Sure, treating other animals is great too, but there’ll always be other people to specialise in them.
Why be a Jack-of-all-trades when you could be an elite feline RVN.
There’s an RVN vacancy at a feline-specialist practice. Joining a team of 6, you’ll develop niche knowledge, and learn more about cat treatment, handling and care than a generalist would. You’ll become an authority. Think of the opportunities that gives you.
And not just through the day-to-day experience which this expert team is more than happy to impart. You’ll also be given a CPD allowance and paid days off to go and train.
Still, it’s not just what you’ll learn. This is genuinely an enjoyable place to work.
The staff are friendly, and collaborative. They all love cats as much as you do. Thats one thing in common straight off the bat.
It’s a sensible rota system. Part-time and shift share options available. Only 1 weekend in 5, with extra time off the following week to compensate. No emergency OOH, with one weekday late check, shared with the duty vet. Plus extra paid leave if you’ve got good attendance.
There’s an employee discount scheme, and you’ll have your RCVS and VDS fees paid.
See? Told you it was good.
As for you…
You’re an RVN. If you’ve got any feline focused background already, that’s great. But what’s more important is that you care. About the patients, and the people bringing them in.
You know the cats will have their own personalities just the way humans do, and you’ll do your bit to make the vet experience pleasant for everyone.
So what’s next?
Send your CV (don’t worry if it’s not up to date) to VetFinders. You can ask any questions, and there’s actually a video we can show you.
Specialise. Be the best at cats.
Apply today!