We are a recruitment business with a difference

A dream job for you, a Blue Cross Nurse paid for too.


Vetfinders is a mission driven business, we aim to place the best candidates in their dream roles and give back to the industry we love. It’s not just about the bottom line it’s about making a difference. Everybody loves Blue Cross and we wanted to help them in anyway we can.

After some brainstorming and head scratching we have found the perfect way.  Every time we place a candidate in a new permanent role we will donate enough to pay for a Vet Nurse for the day.

A dream job for you, a Blue Cross nurse paid for too.

Please keep a look out on our social media for all the latest on our activity with Blue Cross and jobs as they become available…

Find out more about Blue Cross.


Blue Cross is a registered charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless pets since 1897. Pets help us in so many ways and they depend entirely on us. The charity provides support for pet owners who cannot afford private veterinary treatment, helps to find homes for unwanted animals, and educates the public in the responsibilities of animal ownership.

They help thousands of pets in need every month, providing veterinary care, expert behaviour help and find them loving happy homes, as well as advice and education for current or future pet owners and pet bereavement support. They develop lifelong relationships with pets and owners, providing quality care that is accessible and non-judgemental.

Their vision is that every pet will enjoy a healthy life in a happy home and they won’t rest until they achieve it.

Blue Cross care for around 40,000 pets every year but they know it’s not enough – there are many, many more out there that still desperately need their help.

Blue Cross is a nominated VetFinders charity.  How can we not work with such a dedicated team who work tirelessly to ensure every pet enjoys a healthy life and a happy home?!  Please see our website and social media channels for regular updates about how we will be helping Blue Cross.

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